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As solution-focused therapists, our goal is to help you identify and remove the barriers that are keeping you stuck. While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges that  keep you from experiencing the life that you want.   

We can help adult, young adult, or adolescent clients gain clarity into their own patterns of behavior and unlock the potential for meaningful change.  Our therapists can help your adolescent navigate a challenging social environment, cope with difficult family issues, manage depressive or anxious symptoms or curb problematic behavior.  We offer family therapy in conjucntion with adolescent therapy for a more comprehensive approach.  This allows parents to stay involved in treatment without challenging the relationship betweeen the adolescent and their therapist.

With years of hosptial and agency experience, our staff is uniquely qualified to help children, adolescents or adults to take charge of anxious or depressiive symptoms.   We work in tandem with several area psychiatrists to give you or your loved one the best care based on empirically-driven interventions and best-practice medicine.  

Our licensed couples/family therapist can help couples or families to  identify problematic or unhelpful patterns of  interaction and to explore ways to repair and strengthen the relationships.  We have expertise in working with relationships that have been affected by financial strife, infidelity, child-rearing struggles, or family of origin issues. We also have extensive experience in helping  families to cope and to establish helpful patterns of interactions when  a family member struggles with mental illness. 

If you're looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you're just ready to move in a new direction in your life, we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

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