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What Inattentive ADHD Really Looks Like
Perhaps the most remarkable thing about inattentive ADHD is how frightfully easy it is to miss — and misdiagnose — in both children and adults.This can lead to a lifetime of disappointment, battered self-esteem, and shame. Which is why learning the signs and symptoms is so important.

The Inattentive ADHD Problem
Children with hyperactive ADHD symptoms are difficult to ignore. The ones bouncing out of their chairs or clowning behind the teacher’s back are the first to be evaluated for and diagnosed with ADHD.

Meanwhile, the students with inattentive ADHD (predominantly girls) are quietly staring out the window at a bird while their work lays unfinished. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, their symptoms are far less likely to be recognized by parents, teachers, and medical professionals, and they rarely get the treatment they need. This leads to academic frustration, apathy, and undue shame that can last a lifetime. This is a big problem.

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The Empty Nest: Opportunity or Crisis?
Feelings of loss and anxiety about change when the last child leaves home are normal. But it often has been pathologized in popular culture as a disorder, disease or condition that needs treatment. Usually it’s not and it doesn’t.

In fact, the “empty nest syndrome” usually doesn’t exist at all. For most families, the last kid going off to college or to a first good job and apartment is a cause for celebration and relief, not a stage of loss at all.
School Refusal
School refusal is a real problem that causes many families intense anxiety and strife. The Palatine Center therapists have worked extensively in hospital programs treating anxiety-based school avoidance and can now offer support in the office setting.

The term "school refusal" used to be more or less synonymous with truancy, invoking a picture of kids hanging out on the street corner, or holed up in their bedrooms playing videogames.
As you proudly send your nearly-adult children off to universities across the county armed with a plethora of Bed, Bath And Beyond essentials; it might be a good idea to also arm them with the facts about binge drinking.

They tend to tune out lectures and roll their eyes, so show them the facts.
8 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues
After the holiday high of family time and festivities, you may find the January melancholy setting in. If you're one of 90-some percent of people, you've fallen off the New Year's resolution bandwagon, your bank balance is running low from costly Christmas gifts, and there's no work holiday in sight for a few months.

They tend to tune out lectures and roll their eyes, so show them the facts.
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